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The History of Walton Hospital

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In 1905, Dr G.W. Drabble and Edward Pettit founded the 10 bed Walton Hersham and Oatlands Cottage Hospital.
In 1919 two small two bedded wards were added and in 1920 an up to date X-RAY machine was installed. In 1926 new buildings were added to double the accommodation for patients and in 1928 Rodney House maternity ward was opened.

Operating Theatre 1906 Babies Ward Private Ward 1906 Womens Ward 1906 The hospital was funded entirely by the local community and payments by patients.
During the 1930s further facilities were added including an operating theatre and in 1948 the hospital became part of the NHS.
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Women's Ward 1958 Walton Hospital was a small independent hospital with almost all the major functions of a major hospital. Casualties were received 24 hours a day and the worse cases passed to St. Peters. Operating sessions were a regular part of daily life at the hospital.
Hospital in 1965 In 1965 Walton Hospital and Maternity Home had 37 general beds and 18 for maternity, an outpatients department, X-RAY facilities and an operating theatre.
Hospital in 1993 In 1993 the hospital moved to its present location and had two wards - Hersham and Oatlands each with 18 beds, also a minor injuries and X-RAY department. Shortly after the move was completed work began to add a third ward - Burwood designed for the elderly mentally frail. At the end of 2004 the hospital was extended to allow for ten extra beds.

Archive material from the book "A short History of Walton Hospital" by Dr. W.P.Pereira and from the estate of Maureen Livesey.